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11 Tips on Taking Photos in Casinos

Las Vegas casinos have a name for having strict policies prohibiting any type of photography. There is a way to go around those policies, however.

Photography is a good way to capture and remember experiences, therefore knowing a way to go around the photography bans may be useful.

Here are our Top 10 tips for taking photos in any casino and avoiding confrontation with casino security. Let the safety breaches begin!

1. Use the Smallest Possible Camera

The size of the camera matters in this case. One of the keys to taking photographs in Las Vegas casinos is to not get attention to yourself. That is why the smaller the camera, the better. Cell phone cameras will in general mix in, while bigger, DSLR cameras can draw undesirable attention. Club security is watchful for what’s considered “professional gear,” so try to use your telephone’s camera at whatever point you can.

2. Take Pictures, Not Video

Similarly, as a little camera is desirable over the bigger one here, still photography is less risky than video, regardless of whether it’s taken on the same camera. Try not to push your luck. A quick snap will be less likely to get caught, than a video.

3. Don’t Use Flash

This is an important one. Turning the flash on is like putting a big neon sign over your head that shouts, “This individual is abusing the guidelines. Use your Taser on them right away.” Every camera has a flash offsetting, so basically do not forget to use it. It implies you’ll need to keep the camera as still as possible to stay away from the motion blur, however you’ll get better at it with training. (You can try to lean your camera on something to keep it steady or keep it as close to your body as possible.)

4. Don’t Use a Tripod

Tripods are a flat-out no-no if you are trying to sneak a picture in a gambling club. This is quite understandable, as the tripod legs are a threat to the different visitors who are regularly either tipsy or distracted by all the flashy things in the casino. Tripods likewise fall into the “professional gear” class, so abandon them at home, as they are more necessary for other types of photography.

5. Work Quickly and Keep Moving

It’s anything but difficult to just take a couple of photographs and proceed onwards, yet on the off chance that you slow down and wait, you might get addressed by security. Thoroughly consider where you should be standing for your photo so that you just take care of business on the first time. It is anything but a photo shoot, so the more time it takes, the more likely it is that you’ll be caught by a worker or security.

6. Play Stupid, Drunk or Pretend that You Can’t Hear

For real. The above-mentioned tips are very effective if you want to shoot in a casino. Find your spot and begin snapping. Odds are that somebody from staff will say, “No photos!” They might even shout it at you. Try not to respond to the individual. Continue what you are doing. They’ll probably yell again at you. As you keep snapping (you ought to have many photographs at this point), turn and state, “Excuse me, what did you say?” You’ll hear the “No photos” speech once more. At that point say, “I didn’t understand I couldn’t take pictures here.” If needed you can even add, “I’m so drunk, I can’t make sense of how to use the camera, in any way.” That’s it. You have your photographs; the casino representative has done their job, and all is good.

7. Don’t Shoot the Cage

While the tips we shared apply to 99% of the casino, the cashier’s cage is a no-go territory. Most gambling clubs use security as a reason to boycott photography, even though this reason is obsolete and confusing. If a player wanted to cheat, we doubt that he will have time to take pictures. In any case, security is always more, closer to the cages, so do not risk getting caught there. Stay away.

8. Don’t Take Pictures of Other Players

As stated above, gambling clubs regularly refer to security as the reason why photography is restricted, yet the genuine reason they don’t care for photography is more concerned with client protection. Casinos realize individuals are frequently in clubs that they shouldn’t be and are regularly with individuals they shouldn’t be with (like younger women or even prostitutes). These kinds of people do not wish to be photographed, so casinos try to stop this from happening. You might succeed in taking a few shots with guests inside the picture, however, it is best if you just don’t risk it. Security might not see you, but an angry guest will surely make a problem if you stick your camera in their face.

9. Try Photography-Friendly Casinos

Bans on photography are widespread in Las Vegas gambling clubs and casinos, however, there are a few clubs that welcome photography. Harrah’s Las Vegas, for instance, lets its clients take selfies and videos if they do not violate the other guest’s privacy. Other casinos like Four Queens have even put a sign which encourages pictures. If you are not sure which casinos accept photography, you can ask at the entrance or do a little online research prior.

10. Always Be Polite and Don’t Argue

In case an employee from the casino approaches you, try to behave as politely as possible and never argue. The security in such places is not very friendly and a situation can quickly escalate out of control. If this happens, you’ll lose, so simply just try to be decent. Whenever asked, clarify your photographs are for individual use and not for business. Never offer to erase photographs you have already taken, and don’t give security a chance to check your photographs, as they don’t have a legal right to do so. Chances are you’ll be dealt with like a youngster and escorted out, however, try to avoid panicking and don’t think about it too much. Request to address a manager, and sort it out with somebody from the management. In most cases, if you behave decently, and abstain from acting suspicious, you’ll be reminded about the no photography rule again and sent on your way.

11. Choose the Right Timing

The casinos in Las Vegas are always full of people, however, some nights are busier than others. Usually, on weekends there are more people coming to the city, which means busier casinos. It is likely that on such nights there will be much more guests in the casino, than a weeknight, so security will be busier, and you might have a better chance to make your snaps.

Here is something important: We’ve never known about an instance of somebody being kicked out of a gambling club for taking photographs. Turn off your flash, avoid the cage, don’t take shots of guests, work fast, act drunk and keep things light in case you’re caught by an employee. Good luck with your pictures and try to stay out of trouble!